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Refactor Scheduler
Scheduling Grid Enhancements 1. Allow drag & drop from the PC to the scheduler 2. When files are added to the scheduler - allow user to decide if it's a reel, carousel or a stand-alone post. I do a lot of carousels and seeing 4-5 images for one post is just taking up critical space 3. When an image is clicked in the grid, expand it as a quick view to show the details 4. Now that the images are organized into single post, carousel, reels, now allow the files to be moved around in the scheduler. This will make planning a lot easier because you can see a much bigger picture than what is provided in the Feed Preview 5. When moving files around in the scheduler, don't use that "swap" that is used in the feed preview. Instead use a drag to move feature. When moving things around the drag/move is much faster than the swap approach 6. The drafts as a single like is not of much value. When you have 20-30 drafts it's just impossible to use. Refactor that interface completely. Honestly, for me, having the ability to move and organize the posts in the scheduler and when ready, to drag that post to the planner would remove the need for drafts completely - I rather have that space back 7. On the scheduler, allow a url to be added as a place holder to account for collaboration posts. This use-case often prevents the Flick scheduling to stay in-sync with the feed 8. Instead of having drafts as a single line, make this like the scheduler. Instead of drafts I would call it a library or content or something else. Allow users to drag/drop content into that container. When the content comes in, reuse the concept of single post, carousel, reel and let it get organized vs a bunch of raw files that have to be assembled later. At the time of import, we know our intentions, I don't want to have to figure it out month later. Then from this container, allow that content to be added to the main scheduler. The main scheduler is now also acting as a feed preview for weeks ahead and is much easier to manage than the feed preview.
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